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Weight Forward

This game can be simplified to 10 words. Those 10 words are: Weight Forward, Shoulder Down, Hands In, Straight Arms and Tucked Hips! This is a systematic way of learning the game that anyone can follow.

This month’s tip is for the Weight Forward element of the system.

There are 3 fundamentals in the game of golf. You must control the low point of the swing, you must control the curve on the golf ball and you must hit the ball far enough to play the game. All 3 of these fundamentals are involved with the Weight Forward element. Try this exercise to solve one of golf’s most difficult tasks, hitting the golf ball first.

1. Take your normal address position with your heels approximately 5 inches apart and your toes 10 inches apart. Slowly move your hips towards the target until 60% of your body’s weight is on your lead foot(Left for right handed players). Make sure that your nose is still on top of the ball.

2. Make some practice swings keeping these alignments in place and watch where you strike the ground. It should be, as projected into the ground, between your nose and lead big toe. At this point, the farther forward towards the target the better.

3. Now put a ball on the ground under your nose with your hands slightly in front of the ball. Now make a swing keeping the weight forward as it started at the 60% mark. After hitting the golf ball allow your weight to keep going forward where it will finish with about 95% on your lead foot.

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