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Tucked Hips

This game can be simplified to 10 words.  Those 10 words are:  Weight Forward, Shoulder Down, Hands In, Straight Arms and Tucked Hips!  This is a systematic way of learning the game that anyone can follow.

Last month I gave you a drill that helps center your swing.  I hope that you put that drill to good use on the range and in your home.  If you need a reminder go to my website for that tip and more of them.

This month I want to the final two words of the system: Tucked Hips.  Tucking your hips is a major power and consistency boost and is very easy to achieve for all players.  Look at this photo to get the visual.

The keys to this are:

1. Head still on the wall.

2. Arms straight.

3. Weight over left hip and foot.

4. Chest facing the sky.

The best way to practice this part of the swing is from the ball forward.  Here are the details:

  1. Take your normal stance with your weight 60% in your front foot.
  2. Move your weight to 90% on your front foot without moving your head towards the target.
  3. Put the club head on the front side of the golf ball.
  4. Keeping your head in its original place, extend your arms and club pointing at the target.
  5. Do this 5 times.
  6. Now put the club behind the ball and hit some punch shots trying to duplicate the feel.

This drill will begin to ingrain the feel of use of the arms and body as a single unit of propulsion.  After a little work you will see the results! Good luck!

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