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Shoulder Down

There are 3 fundamentals in the game of golf. You must control the low point of the swing, you must control the curve on the golf ball and you must hit the ball far enough to play the game. In order accomplish this you must keep your inclination to the ground the same throughout the swing. THIS DOES NOT MEAN KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN! This does mean that the left shoulder (For right handed players) moves from its starting position directly towards the ground. As this happens the left knee is also moving toward the toes of the left foot. As this happens your right knee is straightening. All of this allows you to maintain the center of your swing as you swing the club back. This is imperative for you to strike the golf ball properly.

It is very important for you to practice these moves without a club first, then in slow motion and then begin to hit golf balls. Learning these moves in the correct manner will really, really improve the quality of your ball striking. Here is an exercise that will help even more.

  1. Take your normal address position with your driver. Pick the club up and lay it across your shoulders so that the grip end of the club is facing the target.
  2. Next, tilt forward so that your chest is facing the golf ball.
  3. Keeping the club against your shoulders, slowly make a backswing pointing the grip end of

    the club to the golf ball on the ground.

  4. As you do this, allow your left knee to bend, your right knee to straighten and your hips to


Do at least 25 of these very slowly to ingrain the feel in your mind, then tee the ball up and transfer that feel to hitting the golf ball. Try to swing at half speed at first then ramp it up.

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