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Progress Happens!

When students come to me one of the first questions I ask is:

1. How can I help you today?


2.  What is the golf ball doing?


3.  What do you want the golf ball to do?


4.  Please hit a few for me.

When you follow a procedure for diagnosis the student gets better results because the instructor is focused on what the student wants and expects.  Then I video from Face On and Down the line.  Then we both look at the videos together.  Then the diagnosis begins.  I describe the path forward, show them what drills or exercises will help them realize their goal.  Then we hit more golf balls.

In this lesson, Alice was complaining of a weak slice. She wanted more distance and more consistency.  By the time we finished 60 minutes later she got what she asked for, more consistency and a lot more distance.  Her weak slice turned into a very strong push draw.  I expect results out of my students and my students know that I will do everything possible to help them reach their goals!!


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