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One of the most useful drills yet!

Summer golf at Cypresswood has its challenges but I am here to help you have fun playing golf! You can have fun by hitting more fairways, getting the ball close or onto the green and making more putts. Last month I have you one of my favorite drills for consistency, the feet- together drill. This all encompassing drill will help every part of your game. That is definitely a drill worth doing!

Here is another drill that will help you launch the ball higher in the air with less spin. This will produce a longer drive with less spin which will keep the ball closer to the center of the fairway. Check this out!

Take your normal set up and position the ball opposite the big toe of your lead foot (Left foot for righties). Tee the ball up a little higher than normal.

Position 51% of your bodies weight on your lead foot.

Slowly take the club back until the club?s shaft is parallel to the ground and stop.

With no golf ball present, swing forward to a full finish with the intent to point your belly button to the sky. Hold this position for a 5 count.

Repeat this 10 times. Then go ahead and hit a drive.

Over time you will realize a dramatic boost in consistency, distance and ball height. During the summer time those 3 items are the cornerstone of good golf. I do not believe that your handicap must go up during the long, hot, wet summer. Give this drill a chance and you will get better. Remember that if you need help I am here and ready to make you better today! Visit my website, www.bobschade.com and like my Facebook page: Bob Schade – Golf Instruction there is bonus content on both for you to enjoy, improve and have more fun playing more golf!

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