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Head on the Wall Drill

This game can be simplified to 10 words. Those 10 words are: Weight Forward, Shoulder Down, Hands In, Straight Arms and Tucked Hips! This is a systematic way of learning the game that anyone can follow. This month combines 8 out of the 10 words. The Head against the Wall drill!

This is an easy one to do and takes nothing but a wall to do. The drill is a favorite of mine and thank you to Ayumi Hori for letting me borrow the image of one of her students using it. This drill can be done anywhere, no excuses! To keep your head on the wall in the same place you must keep more weight forward, change knee flex allowing the arms to swing in and orbit the body, it promotes a stable inclination to the ground by requiring the shoulder to move in and down and it promotes the arms to be much straighter at the correct time. Give it a try and soon you will feel the correct movements of the golf swing. Feeling it that way will make the transition to the range and then the course much easier. Good luck and good golfing!

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