This month I want to dive into consistency.  I go there for 2 reasons.  First with the increasing heat the need to be more efficient is a skill that all of us can benefit from and secondly if you are more consistent in your ball striking you will play better and have more fun.  Here is a very easy to drill that can be done almost anywhere!

1.    Take your normal set up with any club.
2.    Slide your feet together so that they are approximately 1 inch apart.
3.    Gently lower the club so that it rests on the top of the grass.

That is it.  Easy setup and now you are ready to feel the benefits of the Feet Together Drill.  Start by swing at 25% of your normal speed trying to brush the ground and keeping your balance.  Slowly increase your speed to 50%, then 75% and finally 100%.  Again your concentration should be on brushing the ground and remained balanced throughout the motion.  After doing this drill 5 times, try hitting balls going through the same process and with the same objective, to brush the ground and keep your balance.  Final part of this drill is to widen your stance about four inches and put more weight in your lead foot (Left foot for righties) and repeat once again.  That is the feel you want to take to the golf course!  If you do this drill several times a week in no time you will realize the benefits of increased consistency.