The great thing about the putter is that everyone can improve it doesn?t matter if you are a 2 or 32 handicap. Setting up to a putt is absolutely the most important part of the motion. The main issue I see on the putting green is incorrect shoulder alignment. Incorrect shoulder alignment will normally cause you to swing the putter on an incorrect path. Here is a good way to check.

Pick a target on the putting green.

Place an alignment stick between you and the ball pointing parallel left of the target.

Take your normal set up to a golf ball on the ground.

Slowly rotate your lead shoulder towards the alignment stick until you can see your left shoulder out of your peripheral vision. Don?t lift your head.

Stroke the putt.

Repeat this process 5 times, then pick a different target and stroke another 5 putts without the alignment stick.

Then go back to the practice station and repeat steps #3 - #5.