Last month I gave you a tip to improve your chipping. I received a bunch of emails and texts asking for more short game help. This month I turn to pitching! I define pitching as any green side shot that flies at least as far as it rolls. Simple right. Once you decide that you have to hit a pitch shot, then the decision becomes what club to use. I say the club that does the job and by that I mean use the club that gets the ball closest to the hole. It could be a lob wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge or pitching wedge. Once that decision is made then it is time for the setup.

Pitching setup:

Position the club face behind the golf ball squarely.

Position the grip end of the shaft directly over the golf ball.

Position the heels of your feet about 3 inches apart and flare out your toes.

Position the majority of your body?s weight on your lead foot (Left foot from Right handers).


While maintaining the majority of your body?s weight on your lead foot, move your lead shoulder towards the target and slowly allow your right wrist to flex back and up until the club head is at least above your belt line. The club head is traveling back and in at this point.

Once the club head reaches at least belt high on the back swing and your trail wrist is fully flexed, the club head begins to travel down and out toward the golf ball. As the club head is approaching the golf ball, the trail wrist is slowing extending into a less flexed position. This becomes the source of power in the swing. Imagine an underhanded toss to a 4 year old about 15 feet away and you will get the picture.

Once the golf ball is hit, slowly rotate and point your belly button at the intended target while keeping your arms straight.

Hold that position until the ball stops moving. The club head should be closer to the ground than your hands are at this point of the swing.

Final points:

The pacing of this shot is very important, if you want to hit the ball a little farther swing your arms and turn your body to the finish a little faster. If you want to hit a softer shot, then swing your arms and turn your body to the finish a little slower.

Practice this motion with the golf ball on a tee and with just your trail hand. Remember to feel like you are tossing the golf ball underhanded to a child.

Improving your short game whether it is pitching, chipping or putting can have a dramatic effect on your score and enjoyment of this great game. I emphasize short game in my teaching program because of those two factors. Short game improvement does not come without some work and know how. I can help you with both of those items. Contact me today to schedule your next lesson! Call the pro shop at 863-324-6174 or by email Good luck and good golfing!