I want to give you a plan to improve your chipping. I define chipping as a shot from off the green that runs more than it flies. It can be done with a wide array of clubs from a hybrid to lob wedge. The key is to pick the right club for the right situation and apply these basic setup keys.

Position the golf ball in the middle of your stance.

Position at least 55% of your bodies weight on the lead foot.

Position the handle of the club slightly in front of the golf ball.

Position your lead eye closer to the ball. Right handers that would be your left eye.

That is the basic setup of a stock chip shot. Now onto the execution of the chip shot.

After setting up as outlined above, take the club head away first.

The club head should go at least knee high on the takeaway.

As the club is coming down and forward, rotate your belly button slowly toward the


Hold your finish with your arms straight and the club head pointing at the ground.

The speed of the forward swing is the key to hitting the ball the appropriate distance both in terms of the rotation of your body and the swing of your arms. Practice this setup then execution and your chipping will help you save shots! Good luck and good golfing! Visit my website www.bobschade for more tips!