Here is another simple tip that will help you control your low point. What is the low point? The low point is the lowest point in relation the ground that the club head travels. In all good golf swings, the low point is on the target side of the golf ball at address. Which basically means you need to hit the golf ball before you brush the ground. One of the components of creating a consistent low points is the behavior of the lead shoulder. For us righties that would be our left shoulder.

The left shoulder has a very specific job on the back swing, it should move directly towards the golf ball and NOT back to the right. Here is the drill!

Take your normal address position.

Staying in your normal posture, lay your driver across your shoulders.

The grip end of your driver should be facing your target.

Keeping the shaft of your driver against your shoulders, point the grip end at the ball.

Repeat this 10 times.

Take your normal address position and hit 5 drives in your normal rhythm.

Repeat #5 & #6 two more times.

After doing this drill a few times, you should get the obvious feeling of what a rotary golf swing feels like. You will see an increase in both distance and accuracy! Who doesn?t want that!