Recently I have purchased a Pressure Board and a BodiTrax Mat so that my students can feel the correct pressure movements. With the Mat I can measure the pressures to help my students maximize the force into the golf ball. All of my students, young and old, can and will benefit from this information. I encourage all of you to schedule a lesson so that I can explain and impart my wisdom on you! I am continuing my Buy 3 get 1 free pricing on my lesson packages. Please check out my web site, www.bobschade.com for more information. You can also call the pro shop at 863-324-6174 or email me at cypresswoodcc@gmail.com.

This month?s tip:

Take your normal address position with your driver.

Raise your right heel off the ground 1/2 inch.

Keep your right heel off the ground throughout the back swing.

Finish your swing.

That?s it! A very simple tip designed to continue our conversation on how pressure affects the golf ball. When this drill is done consistently you will have a better sensation when I say you must stay on top of the ball on the down swing. Good luck and good golfing!!