What your body is supposed to do from the top of your back swing to impact?  Specifically what you should feel in your feet as pressure moves around during your swing.  This pressure change affects everything, including the path of the club and the amount of force into the back of the ball.  Correct pressure movement will result in more distance and accuracy.  Who among us doesn't want that!!

Please follow this procedure without hitting a golf ball first!!

Take your normal address position.
Take your normal back swing, trying to turn your body by turning your hips into your right heel.  You should feel a majority of weight on the inside of your right heel.  
Your golf club should be at the top of the back swing at this time.
Now the key move?  Move your hips diagonally to the right of the target so that your body?s weight moves into your left big toe.
Now finish your swing!
You can see from the photo above how much forward the hips move in down swing.  Also keep in mind that the center of the body is virtually unchanged.

When done correctly you will feel an enormous burst of speed and force at impact.  This will lead to more distance and a more structurally sound club face position at impact.  

After doing this exercise a few times, starting hitting balls with a short club and work up to the driver.