This tip is designed for those of you who slice the golf ball. For right handed players it is a shot that moves from left to right and for you left handed players it moves from right to left. This shot is completely uncontrollable but absolutely fixable! Here is how you do it.

1.  Take your normal address position without a club simulating your normal grip.

2.  Take your normal back swing without a club stopping at the top of your back swing.

3.  Focusing on your right hand (for right handers) rotate your right palm so that it faces the ground half way down, about hip high.

4.  Select a club and repeat the same procedure very slowly many times.

5.  Hit some golf balls focusing on the movement and trying to feel the rotation begin as you start your down swing.  

That is a very specific move for a very specific purpose. That purpose is to teach you the proper mechanical movement from the top of the back swing to the middle of the forward swing. If you achieve this position you will not slice the golf ball. Guaranteed! XChange ImageImage Settings XChange ImageImage Settings