The Feet together drill is one of my all-time favorite drills for the golf swing.  This drill does many things.  In this tip, I specifically use the drill to determine the amount of speed you can apply to your golf swing and still hit the golf ball solid.  There is a very easy way to do it, but it takes a little time and effort on your part.  Follow this drill to the letter and you will finally realize your golf potential.

1.    Take your normal address position without a golf ball.  I suggest using a golf tee instead!

2.    Slide your feet together so that your toes are facing the golf tee.

3.    Take your normal back swing and stop at the top of your back swing.

4.    Swing down as fast as you can without losing your balance into a full finish.

This speed drill will allow you to judge your speed without the consequence of hitting a golf ball.  Remember the key is swing as fast as you can without losing your balance.  If you are struggling to keep your balance, slow your swing down so that you can keep your balance.  This drill can be done at home, in a warm up session before your round or even during your round while waiting for others to play.  Good luck and good golfing!