This is a drill that will allow your arms to automatically square the club face to the golf ball. A square club face helps you realize your maximum distance for each club. Matter of fact, the club face is responsible for 85% of the initial direction of the shot. The path is responsible for the other 15%. Try this drill and give me your feedback or better yet, take a lesson!

1. Take your normal stance with the golf ball on a tee. Your selection of the golf club does not matter with this drill. Make sure you have a club or alignment stick on the ground pointing toward your target.

2. Pick up your front foot (left for right handers), keeping your heel in place point your left toe at the golf ball. Place your entire foot on the ground.

3. Swing the club at half speed. With your foot in this position your hips will not open as quickly as normal. This in turn will square up your shoulders to the target line.

4. If your hips and shoulders are square to the target line, then your club face will be square to the swing path.

This delivery to the golf ball is really all that matters once the golfer gets lined up correctly. If you practice taking your backswing and then slowly returning the club to the ball with your hips and shoulders square to the target line (that is why you need an alignment aid on the ground) you will gain a great deal of feel and understanding about how to deliver the club to the golf ball on the correct path. Good luck and good golfing!