Most of the students I teach suffer from low speed at impact. This low speed causes a loss of distance and inconsistent contact. Most people do not understand that if you hold onto something you are not swinging it. This is a Golf Swing not a Golf Push!! You must swing the club head without tension in order to maximize your club head speed. Here is an easy exercise that will increase your speed and decrease your tension during your golf swing.

1. Take your normal address position with your driver.

2. Turn the club outside down, holding the club by the hosel.

3. Hold the grip end of the club two inches above the golf ball.

4. Start swinging slowly and gradually increase your speed.

5. Swing hard enough so that you hear a swoosh.

6. Try to time the sound of the swoosh so that it is at the golf ball.

7. Keep trying to increase the sound of the swoosh.

8. Do that ten times.

9. Turn the club around gripping it normally.

10. Take two practice swings, trying to feel the energy released at the golf ball.

If you work on this exercise on the range or even during your practice rounds, you will notice an increase in speed and distance.