To help people play better golf or at least prolong their time in the game with a swing that is body neutral.
Body neutral means producing a golf swing that does no harm to your body. This tip will help you do that.

1. Take your normal address position.

2. Put your feet together.

3. Position a golf tee off the big toe of your lead foot.

4. Take slow swings trying to knock the tee out of the ground.

5. Once you master knocking the tee out of the ground, place a golf ball on the tee.

6. Slowly increase the speed of your swing, hitting both the golf ball and tee.

The purpose of this drill is to keep your body centered and stacked. A stacked body is where the upper torso is directly over the lower body. This stacked position will allow your body to remain neutral and greatly reduce the chance of injury while swinging the golf club. This drill also trains your arms to swing around your body. This action will produce a repeatable path that will direct your golf ball to the target with distance. That should be a goal of all golfers. Good luck and good golfing!